The Verve Of

The Verve Of StudioVeena.Com

In an online world where people often hide behind their computer screens and turn to being catty or just down right hateful, StudioVeena.Com  has managed to create a Pole Oasis from all the negativity and gossip; a true space of acceptance and support.

Verve is a noun meaning “vigor and spirit or enthusiasm”. I can think of no better way to describe the force behind StudioVeena.Com, Miss Veena herself.  Veena stumbled into Pole Dancing at an outdoor party where a pole was set up. She spent a good part of the night “figuring the thing out” and the next day was amazed at how sore her arms were. Then, like so many of us, she was hooked. She bought a pole and began to teach herself.

Ironically, it was an unexpected pregnancy that gave “birth” to the idea of StudioVeena.Com. As Veena fell more and more in love with poling, she decided to open a physical studio. She found a beautiful space in Minneapolis, ordered poles, and was just getting things rolling when she found out she was expecting. The very next day, her husband lost his job. He found a new job quickly, but it was far away in California. Veena really wanted to teach, but it didn’t make sense to open a studio and then close it almost immediately due to the upcoming move to California. So she and her husband starting looking for other options. Veena had the idea of doing online classes through video. Her husband, now Studio Veena’s webmaster, had an even bigger vision: not just classes, but an entire community for Polers. Thus Studio Veena was born.

Veena 2Initially Veena’s husband moved to California without her.  He began building the site and she began recording videos, a frustrating endeavor in the beginning. “Learning how to use the computer was super hard for me. I’d never used the computer before. There were a lot of tears and calls to my husband saying “Help! I don’t know what to do. I love video editing now but it was sure hard at first,” says Veena.  From there, things have just unfolded organically.

The community is growing everyday with new members joining all the time. There are people who take classes through Studio Veena to supplement their in-studio learning. Studio Veena also works beautifully for people who either don’t have a studio near them or because of work or other conflicts can’t attend studio classes. All the classes are video , nothing live streamed but now that Veena and her husband have moved to Vegas, Veena does occasionally offer Private lessons. All of the videos are done by Veena except  for the lap dance section. Veena picked a good friend who could “make it fun and something new to try instead of something raunchy.”

StudioVeena.Com was a God send for Calipolepixie, who started at a physical studio in 2010 and was there for 6 to 8 months but then got a job promotion. Because of new hours and business travel, she couldn’t go to classes anymore. She turned to You Tube videos which helped but not when there were questions about things. She didn’t want to give up pole, but just viewing YouTube videos wasn’t working either. At the height of her frustration, when she was just about ready to give up on pole, she discovered Studio Veena. “It was like a big aura of light like ‘ahhhhh’ ( picture heavenly light and a choir singing),” says Calipolepixie . “The price was great and having the flexibility to rewind and move at your own pace was awesome. Veena’s lessons show different variations of getting into moves, which is helpful because not all people can get into moves the same way. Giving variations equals more success.”

Until Veena,, continues Calipolepixie, “poling at home was a very lonely experience. The sense of community is immediate. The community helps keep you motivated.  You can post a video of a move that you are struggling with and very quickly there are 10 to 15 responses. They always post something positive first and then follow with constructive advice that really helps. It’s never like ‘you dumb-ass, you fell’. There is not any jealousy or cattiness. In 2 years I’ve never seen a fight break out. You can talk about your pole life, your personal life, and there is always support. People are genuine, caring and very supportive.”

Calipolepixie experienced this support first hand when she lost her job and was really struggling. One day, she was really down and posted about worrying how she would get her daughter clothes. The outpouring of support was huge. People began private messaging her, offering support, and within a few days clothes started arriving.

When I asked Calipolepixie what she wants the world to know about Studio Veena, the response came without hesitation:

“I think that Veena is the best online learning resource out there. Period! Anybody who is thinking of learning from home should give them a chance and even compare it to others out there. I think they’ll stick with Veena. Nobody else has the sense of community that Veena has. It feels like family and I don’t think you will find that anywhere else.”

What a person values most usually shows up in many different ways in what they create in their life. This is the case with Veena.  When I asked her what her favorite thing about running the site is and what it is that lights her up every day, her answer was very similar to Calipolepixie’s.

Veena loves seeing how people from all different walks of life and all different countries can be so supportive. “Someone writes about having a bad day and it doesn’t even have to be pole related and there is always somebody there for them that says ‘we care about you’. It’s been a huge blessing to have awesome members that are so supportive.”

Besides Pole Dancing Veena has a passion for music and Hula Hoop. How cool is that?

When she moved to California she and a friend started making hula hoops for fun and it just stuck. She has all different sizes and colors and there are even a few hooping lessons on the site. Veena recommends it as a great warm up for pole and great for cross training as well.

Music is extremely important too. Some favorites on her playlist right now are; Devil Doll, Lindsey Stirling (loves hooping to her too), Veena 1Skrillex, Michael Buble & Korn. Veena says “When you want just a raw dance to come out Korn is always a good one. Just strap your heels on and go.”

Veena played instruments in High School and found that while playing and singing were satisfactory they were not fulfilling. “Dancing to the music is fulfilling and that is my true passion.”

Veena has a passion for progress and is always looking for new things to bring and ways to improve. Recently they just added a routines section which Veena is super excited about. The video editing takes a lot of time but is so worth it. The other really cool thing is the new Studio Veena Pole.

The idea for the pole started because of seeing all the conversations on Studio Veena about Lil Mynx and powder coated poles. She ordered one and really loved it. Veena loves that “You can put it up and take it down so quickly,” a big plus when you are trying to hoop and pole in the same space. After that branding a Studio Veena pole seemed like a natural thing to do. Veena has liked working with Lil Mynx and it has been great partnership so far.  Her favorite comment about the pole so far is from someone who said “It looks like candy and I just want to lick it.”

When I asked Veena about her biggest piece of advice for people she said “Basics! Get the basics down. If you have the basics you can still put together a really beautiful routine.”

Veena 3Be sure and check out Anyone can join the community and for lessons, you just can’t beat it!