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The Product

dew-point-pole-glitterWhether you are sick of having to choose between dry, ashy skin and the pole or having trouble gripping with certain body holds due to dry skin, we have a solution for you! It can be used as your daily moisturizer without worry. Spray it on in the morning after a shower and whether it is 8 minutes or 8 hours later; you are able to pole without worry.  Also, when your skin is dry, body holds are much more difficult to execute because your skin slides when you need it to stick. Dew point gives just the right amount of oil-free moisture to help your body grip the pole. So whether you are doing the Gemini or the Jade, your skin has what it needs. And, with 3 different formulas- light, medium and ultra- there is something to suit every skin type.

For more information, including our formula guide, see our FAQ page.


Our Story

Dew Point was born out of my love and passion for making natural bath and body care products. I originally created it for my sister-in-law who hated the feeling of dry skin but hated lotion even more. A few years later my friend Melissa started teaching Pole and invited me to take classes. Her dry skin grip issues came up during class and I suggested Dew Point. It was love at first at try. From there it was what you’d call a “grass roots” effort. Melissa introduced it to the studio she trained at and they started blogging about it.  It grew from word of mouth and BANG! Here we are and I couldn’t be happier. Dew Point has changed the Poling experience of so many people but I think the words of Jamie Taylor describe it best:

“I bought some medium strength Dew Point off Rebecca Butcher last week and the stuff is a miracle!!!! I’m now able to pole in winter, well when it’s cold in general, which in the UK is quite a lot. I used to have about 4 decent poling months of the year. Now I have 12! My students haven’t asked what it is yet and until I can sell them some, they aint having all of mine! I’ve got a bit Gollum over it! If I knew it was this good I would have snapped up some sample bottles for students to try. They are gonna love it. And, it feels so clean!

I think this might be the best invention in the pole world ever! Thank you Dew Point for making it possible to Pole all year round! My pole practice has no excuses anymore!”

Jamie Alexah-Taylor, Defy Gravity (Wales, UK)

I have absolutely fallen in love with the Pole community!
I love the diversity, generosity, passion and acceptance that I find.

Our Policies

Generally orders ship on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you need it quickly, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. If so, we will make sure we let you know. We charge actual shipping rates and if for some reason the shipping is figured inaccurately by the shopping cart, we will refund any overage over $1.

We stand behind our product. If you are dissatisfied, just return the unused portion and we will give you a full refund.

Being as “Green” as possible is a priority. Our bottles are made from recyclable plastic. We use paper made partially from recycled material in the office and recycling around the office and warehouse is a must.