Michula Nunez and her amazing Antix


Antix Fitness is a place where you can safely discover your strength, your sexy and feel amazing doing so.

The studio just recently celebrated their 6th anniversary and I sat down with owner and founder Michula Nunez and some of her students to get a feel for the Antix experience.

Eli and Students

Eli’s love and enthusiasm for teaching definitely shows!

I talked to Michula’s students – Lori and Lorraine- first about what brought them to Antix and what keeps them coming back. When asked what they love about Antix, Lorraine responded that she “loves the environment, the variety of classes and of course Michula.” In fact, this is the first studio that Lorraine was willing to sign a contract with. When I asked her why she said “Michula cares about her students doing pole moves right, with accuracy and most of all safety. Other places I went to didn’t care about doing it right. They just wanted you to look cute. She also has other classes like kick boxing and Pilates to help you have the core strength needed for Pole.”

Lori’s love of Antix and Michula knows no bounds. In fact, she drives almost an hour each way just to get to the studio even though there are studios in the city where she lives. So what draws her to Antix? Again, it’s Michula. Lori has a very unique situation. She has severe nerve issues and when I say severe I mean- 17 surgeries, severe scarring and implants all over her body whose function are to help her regulate nerve pain.  Lori says that she got interested in Pole because she “wanted to feel sexy”. She says “Michula has really brought my inner strength out. Michula cares about us as people not just as students or a way to make money. She works with what I can do and always makes sure I’m safe.” Michula has even checked in with Lori at work to make sure she’s being treated right.

So how did Michula get to where she is at now and what was the journey that brought her to Pole?

She has always been a girl on the go and had a talent for leadership. At age 5 she started gymnastics and by age 12 she was managing the team. She excelled with gymnastics throughout high school. After college she eventually got a job as a dancer to help pay the bills. Later when she became a science teacher, she found that while she really loved teaching, she missed having adult interaction. It was her quest for the best of both worlds that led Michula to get a job at a studio teaching Pole.


The Powerhouse Behind Antix Fitness

However, with her natural athleticism and gift for teaching she soon found herself “teaching every class in the place.” “Pole. Pilates. Lap Dance. You name it. I taught it.” says Michula. With encouragement from her husband (who is also her biggest fan and support) she started her own studio in February 2007 and she hasn’t looked back.

When I asked Michula about her most rewarding Pole Experience she said definitely being a studio owner. She loves watching people grow and progress in strength, their “sexy” and confidence. She also said “I love watching the growth of the Pole Community. I love the variety. If you want a competition that is all about the sexy, you can. If you want one that is all about being athletic you can too.”  Overall a sense of community is very important to Michula and Pole definitely gives her that. “There is the small community that exists within our studio – community on the micro-level – much like a biome that exists in nature, otherwise, known as an ecosystem. Biomes represent and allow us to appreciate that there is much diversity among the living organisms that thrive within its biome. I have students/clients that excel and thrive at our studio in as much as the way other students thrive at other studios within the county, state, and nation-wide. As a leader, my function is to unite students to train, to excel, and to reach new limits of physical achievement that their minds never thought they could achieve. At the same time, within our little community, we celebrate engagements, weddings, and new jobs. We all hurt when a family member passes, a relationship break-up, and/or when someone is sick. Our little pole community/biome also simultaneously exists within the pole community on the macro-level and fit cohesively among the pole community on the global scale. And it is awesome to see when we all come together for big events such as the Pole Expo, Pole Con, and competitions, and etc. It is just amazing to be a apart   of this living organism where we all fit with our unique characteristics!”

When I asked her about her biggest challenge she said “It has to be the- try it for the novelty Groupon hoppers”.  While she welcomes new students with open arms and is thrilled when they return, part of what makes her such a brilliant teacher is her ability to not only teach but connect with her students. It’s hard to begin to build connection and then never see them again.

Michula TG Plank

Strength and Grace

Finally, of course I had to ask about her most frustrating move and her favorite moves. Her most frustrating is the Rainbow but she vows she will master it. For her most favorite moves Michula says “Moves I like are anything with a handstand or a lift! I also love takin an old move done over and over and simply by experimenting with extending a leg or elongating the hand in a different way or even just moving your head in a slightly different manner, this old move has a whole new look! I also love how aerial skills have a Chinese-pole influence! Aerial elements keep transforming and becoming more acrobatic! Pole dancing is not where it was even just two or three years ago-it is ever-changing! And the fact that you can put on a pair of stripper heels and become a little more exotic one day and the next becoming more acrobatic is awesome and liberating about the pole! My favorite moves are those executed with pointed toes and a face that shows rest.”

It was such a great pleasure being able to talk with Michula and her students! When I looked up the meaning of the word “antics”, I got tricks, stunts, mischief, escapades and playfulness. All of these and more await you at Antix Studio.  With a motto of “Stay sexy, healthy, and fit!” you know it’s going to be a great experience!
Antix Fitness Studio

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