Dew Point is not only amazing for pole but for Silks as well!! Use it on your hands or the top of your feet to help with your grip. Dew Point is a staple at Onyx!
Shae Myers, Salt Lake City, UT
"If you haven't tried it on Pole..you need to! it's my most favorite body grip! Legs, arms, sides...makes holding those tough pole moves soooo easy!! (by the way I don't get paid for this...the product is just *that* good..I have to share!!)"

"In something like pole dancing where nothing is ever certain or predictable, it is so nice to have one element that is. Dew Point is my one certainty and it is not just good for pole, I have yet to find an apparatus that is doesn't work with."

Rebecca Butcher, Pole Instructor Winner Polarity Trixpert Competition Competitor in the Vertical Pole Challenge-- New York's first ever SuperStar Competition, New York
"I bought some medium strength Dew Point off Rebecca Butcher last week and the stuff is a miracle!!!!

I'm now able to pole in winter, well when it's cold in general, which in the UK is quite a lot. I used to have about 4 decent poling months of the year. Now I have 12! My students haven't asked what it is yet and until I can sell them some, they aint having all of mine! I've got a bit Gollum over it! If I knew it was this good I would have snapped up some sample bottles for students to try. They are gonna love it. I don't think I'll ever need Stickum again! Which is good because Stickum hurts. Dew Point doesn't. And, it feels so clean!

I think this might be the best invention in the pole world ever! Thank you Dew Point for making it possible to Pole all year round! My pole practice has no excuses anymore!"

Jamie Alexah-Taylor, Pole Instructor, Defy Gravity (Wales, UK)
"Hey darl, the performance I did that aired in Australia tonight- Girlfriend Pure Pole Angels from Australia's Got Talent, did well in a really cold/dry climate' again partly thanx to the use of your Dew Point Spray. Us tropical dwellers really appreciate the hydrating qualities of you're product when we get all cold and... dried out and start to lose grip on the pole, much thanx xxxx."
Michelle Hafner, Australia's Pure Pole Angels Pole Fit Champion Runner Up at the IPC 2010 Pole Instructor Winner: Miss Pole Dance Queensland Competitor in Miss Pole Dance Australia
Ever since I got a sample bottle of Dew Point in my EMW Tri-Pole Challenge gift bag, I've been a convert. I have very dry skin, which coupled with the dry climate in Los Angeles, makes it very hard for me to grip on the pole, especially in the winter months. Dew Point provides the perfect amount of non-slip moisture that mimics dewey, slightly sweaty skin, and it doesn't leave a sticky residue on my clothes or the pole. Competitive pole dancers constantly worry whether their skin will grip when the time counts, and Dew Point relieves a lot of that worry. I use it during practice sessions, and before every competition and the product has never failed me.
Natasha Wang, USPDF Champion 2011
When I first began to pole I used many different grip aids that left my skin feeling dry, chalky, and some felt like I had to scrub for days to get off. Some of these aids made my skin peel off literally! It was not until I was introduced to Dew Point that I knew somebody got it right for pole community! I apply Dew Point to my skin, cue my music while allowing it to dry, and BAM I am on the pole! The best thing about Dew Point is that my skin never feels dry or chaffs! After I am done no chalk, no powder just an even pole dew! Dew point rinses off with ease, making my skin refreshed and restored.
Vakiesha Wimberly aka "SKITTLES", Ms Pole Vixen - Atlanta 2011
"I was very skeptical when Paula told me that she could help with my pole issue. I had the hardest time gripping in certain conditions and other stuff didn't help at all. When I tried Dew Point ( to humor her, honestly) I was shocked. It REALLY worked! It was exactly what I needed. It gave my skin the right amount of moisture without anything slippery, oily, or greasy. Now I'm shouting it from the rooftops to all polers. I LOVE Dew Point Pole. It's all I use for a moisturizer now and it has saved my life countless times on the pole. I love that it is so light and fresh that I don't even know it's there. I definitely know when it's not though!"
Melissa Hite, Pole Instructor

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